Vibratory Centrifuges

The need for more effective drying techniques in the coal industry has resulted in a better centrifuge design -- TEMA's Horizontal Vibratory Screen Centrifuge. While vertical centrifuges rely on metal-to-metal forced vibration, TEMA's Vibratory Screen Centrifuges use eccentric weights to produce uniform vibration behavior which results in power usage reductions to help save you money. Our Vibratory Screen Centrifuges offer increased capacity due to adjustable axial vibration and amplitude.

We also designed the machines for easy access to help reduce costly maintenance downtime. In addition, you'll never have to shutdown the product belt for inspection, repair, or rebuild. All of this, along with the durability and performance you have come to expect with TEMA's products.

You have more to choose from when you choose TEMA Vibratory Centrifuges -- the most diverse product line of horizontal vibratory centrifuges on the market today. Common applications include coal, solar salt, course potash and other mineral separations.


  • Up to 40% more tonnage per unit
  • Dryer coal for finished products with higher BTU's
  • Higher fines recovery while maintaining lower discharge moisture
  • Product recovery up to 99%
  • Automatic adjustment to common feed surges for vibration drive protection
  • Requires no special foundation dampening