USDA Fluid Bed Media

The unique Conidur® pierced hole can be changed by various surface treatments to meet the requirements of the application. A "raised hood" over the perforation provides a directional airflow for fluid bed plates and a sharp leading edge for particle size reduction screens. Removal of the "hood" by surface grinding turns the material into a very efficient filtering/screening media.

Optimum Gas Distribution in Fluid Bed Units

The Conidur® distributor plate is the ideal gas distributor in fluid bed equipment for drying, c cooling or ventilation of powder or granulated products.

Conidur® combines the following features:

  • Conidur® is made to meet your pressure drop specifications and not vice versa.
  • High plate strength- No metal loss during the piercing process.
  • Perforation sizes six times smaller than the plate thickness.
  • Directional air flow facilitates transport and discharge of the product.