Turbo Cascade Centrifuge

Turbo Cascade Sliding Discharge Centrifuge

The Turbo Cascade is a special centrifuge which was developed for the dewatering of solids with a uniform particle size down to about 0.5 mm. The granules slide individually, not as a compact layer, over stepwise arranged screen segments.

Baffle plates which rotate with the basket prevent them from jumping to another segment. In spite of the very short retention time of each individual particle in the centrifuge, final moistures down to 0.01 % are being attained. As a rule the Turbo Cascade is gas- or vapourtight with recirculation into the housing of the circulating air which is separated from water in a cyclone. The dewatered solids are discharged tangentially via a pipe which can be swivelled in any direction. lf required we can supply machines for pre-dewatering and for the removal of coarse particles or agglomerates.

The Turbo Cascade units are used for Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Polyester, Polypropylene, and Polystyrene beads applications.

Turbo Cascade CentrifugeTurbo Cascade Units