Sampling Systems (Equipment)

TEMA supplies standard and customized Sampling Systems to meet your specific application with state-of-the-art components. Our equipment and completely automated systems provide the exacting capability required to achieve unbiased samples for operations ranging from the very basic to the highly complex. 

Accurate information gives you the power to better control quality and cost in your operation. Reliable, efficient quality assurance systems have become increasingly important to those who deal in bulk solids such as coal, minerals, and ores. TEMA provides the components and Sampling Systems needed in mining, mineral processing, smelting, steel manufacture, power generation, bulk handling, and allied industries. TEMA systems are designed and engineered to collect primary increments or representative samples so that every particle present in the consignment is equally represented in the sample. You get consistently accurate samples with precise repeatability, sample after sample.

Descriptions and Benefits for Some of our Specialized Equipment:

TEMA Hammer SamplerTEMA Hammer Sampler

  • From the ORIGINAL designers of the "cross belt" sampler and first installation of this sampler type in 1977
  • Available for conveyor widths from 18" to 96" and belt loading up to 10,000 TPH
  • Cutter head fabricated using 304 stainless steel for long life
  • Precise sample extraction ensured
  • Integral belt wiper and adjustable cleaning brush for complete fines removal
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Gear motor driven - no hydraulics or pneumatics employed
  • Exclusive TEMA design with over-running clutch coupling to reduced drive train wear
  • Direct drive units available for faster cutter speeds
  • Heavy duty construction for long life

TEMA Single Roll CrushersTEMA Single Roll Crushers

  • Preferred crusher type for on-line crushing in a mechanical Sampling System
  • Slow crushing roll speed (approx. 55-60 RPM) resulting in virtually no moisture loss
  • Exclusive integral crushing roll cleaning brush to ensure sample integrity
  • No screen plate or grate bars to plug or blind, virtually plug-free even with higher than 15% moisture coals
  • Simple yet rugged design featuring gear motor and double chain/sprocket drive
  • Adjustable tensioned backing plate to prevent damage from foreign objects
  • Adjustable breaker plate for maximum crushing efficiency
  • Reversible crushing shoes and breaker plate for extended wear life
  • Compact design for ease of installation and operation
  • Low horsepower requirement

TEMA Rotary Disc DividersTEMA Rotary Disc Dividers

  • Exclusive TEMA Offering
  • Complete stainless steel fabrication
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Three models available depending on material, product size, and flow-rates
  • Employs gear-motor drive
  • Unique mixing and blending stage prior to sample division
  • Adjustable sample division ratio
  • Highest precision available in any type of sample divider
  • Processes entire sample flow not merely individual increments

TEMA Vertical DividersTEMA Vertical Dividers

Exclusive TEMA Offering, designed and built for specific applications

  • For use in high volume sampling programs for initial flow reduction
  • Simple, reliable design utilizing gear-motor drive
  • Rotating plate and housing fabricated of mild steel, stainless steel, or AR plate to meet customers requirements
  • Easily integrated into Sampling System design to provide a "size-consist" sample prior to crushing stage
  • Single, double, or multiple pocket designs depending on requirements
  • Continuous or cycled operation capability providing representative sub-samples

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