Pusher Centrifuges

You will realize operating, performance, and cost benefits with TEMA-Siebtechnik's new, patented SHS/ZK Pusher design. The wet end of the Pusher features a longer conical screen, which gives you increased through-put capacity, greater washing efficiency, and lower final moisture. This patented design features a combination cylindrical/conical screening area, which results in improved capacity over common two-stage designs. Side-by-side tests have yielded up to 50 percent greater capacity and lower final moistures.

A special rotary transmission allows the hydraulic mechanism to be isolated from the bearing area. The improved hydraulics result in lower maintenance, easier access, and reduced downtime. Also, this design eliminates high-pressure hydraulic oil at the main shaft seal, which prevents oil leakage into the processing area via the pusher shaft, allowing additional room for positive and dependable process seal designs at the hollow shaft.

The continuously adjustable stroke length of the SHS/ZK is accessible from outside the unit. Stroke reversal is operated electrically and does not depend upon pressure.

TEMA offers both single-stage and multi-stage Pusher designs. Single-stage machines are more sensitive to fluctuations in quantity and solids concentration of the feed. Our two-stage centrifuges are the preferred choice over more complicated three and four-stage designs. These two-stage pushers offer high through-puts, combined with great reliability and flexibility. Often, they process larger quantities than four-stage machines, which cost more, are more complicated, and produce no substantial process advantages.


  • Cylindrical/Conical Basket-design yields high capacities
  • Highest wash efficiency possible
  • Conical screen increases de-watering and washing
  • Exclusive isolation of high pressure oil from product area
  • Unique self contained force block compartment
PusherPusher Cross Section