Potash Application

Potash centrifuges and the related potash byproduct centrifuges can utilize a wide variety of separation designs. Our family of companies, with our complete line of continuous liquid/solid separation centrifuges is able to handle the bulk of the needed applications. With hundreds of units in operation worldwide in potash facilities we use our Conturbex, Vibratory, Pusher, and Screen Bowl centrifuges for the various applications.

In the last five years the CX design has become a new worldwide standard in the potash industry on the primary product grade KCl with successful installations in Europe and Asia. Our successes in the Canadian potash market include multiple unit installation for course KCl.

The Conturbex design has specific advantages in the high volume potash and potash byproduct applications. These units have a proven performance record that balances excellent process performance with long term operations and limited maintenance time.

From a performance standpoint the Conturbex units are extremely flexible in handling normal plant fluctuations in rate, particle size, and concentration. While these factors do affect the expected discharge moisture and the loss of solid material in Conturbex design units the general performance of the process line is more consistent than other types of units. Especially at high solid tonnage rates the advancing scroll and the conical basket assist with the natural clearing of a surge load with minimal impact on the drive.

The cone shaped design of the screening area allows for progressively higher g-forces to be exerted on progressively thinner solid cakes which produces marginally dryer solid discharges than commonly used screen/bowl decanters with cylindrical screens. Over time this leads to lower utility consumption of downstream dryers that are a measurable benefit to the operation of the plant.

From a maintenance standpoint the CX design was developed in part to service facilities with multiple machines running high capacity lines. The components have been optimized to reduce the number of wear and maintenance parts

Scroll components are not required to be matched with rotors so less spare parts can support multiple units. Any fine tuning of scroll to screen clearances can be easily done at a single shim point between the scroll and scroll hub. The patented ceramic tile wear system on the scroll has a good history in existing plants. Repairs can be made at certified local support shops.

The design of the gear housing allows customers to stock a completed gear in the housing for ease of installation. This reduces the downtime during normal maintenance intervals. The low vibration reduces wear and tear on the bearings and gear unit, thereby further reducing total down time for maintenance.

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