Mineral Screening Machines

TEMA Systems Inc. offers a variety of designs of screening machines for sizing and dewatering applications.

Banana Screens

Banana Screen The Banana or multi slope concept screening machine is capable of achieving exceptional throughput per screening area. The concept of a high capacity, thin layer and high velocity machine was developed by Siebtechnik. The screen includes as many as six inclinations varying from 45 to 10 degrees. The various slopes may incorporate different apertures to meet the particular screening requirements. The screens are commonly designed to fit modular polyurethane deck panels, however, woven wire or punched plate may be used. TEMA Banana screens are available in single and double deck execution ranging is size from 1.8 meters to 5.5 meters.

Inclined Screens

TEMA provides a range of Inclined Screens to suit specific requirements. Deck sizes range from 450 x 900 mm to 3,000 x 9,000 mm.

Machines up to 1,200 x 1,500 mm deck size are powered by single vibrator motors, simplifying installation and maintenance requirements.
Large machines either employ the tried and tested externally driven single oscillator mechanism or paired vibrator motors.

Screening surfaces include punched plate, woven mesh, rubber and polyurethane panels.
The machines can be supplied with dust enclosures, water sprays and sub-frames, integral underpans and oversized chutes.

Horizontal Screens

Horizontal screens designed for either dry or wet operation. These machines give outstanding service in product sizing, degritting, medium-recovery, trash removal and desliming applications. Screen sizes range from 300 x 900 mm to 3,000 x 9,000 mm in single and multi-deck configurations. Deck materials include perforated plate, woven wire mesh, polyurethane, rubber and wedge wire.

Accessories include dust enclosures, integral spray pipes, and sub-frames to further isolate the screen supports from transmitted vibration loads.
Non-standard screen sizes are manufactured to order and screen can be supplied in stainless steel and 3CR12.

Dewatering Screens

The Dewatering Screens are specifically designed for operation in product dewatering applications.

Powered by vibratory motors, the dewatering screens are manufactured in deck sizes ranging from 600 x 1,800 mm to 3,000 x 6,000 mm. Deck surfaces are either modular polyurethane panels or stainless steel wedge-wire to suit the individual application.

The dewatering screens are normally operated at 2 - 5 degree upward inclination; therefore this design features supplementary drain panels in the back and side panels, to facilitate the removal of free water.