Lactose USDA Application

     Lactose USDA Application

TEMA Systems manufactures Conturbex and Short Bowl Decanter centrifuges with USDA accepted designs for clean in place. The Conturbex unit has become the industry standard for the lactose stage 2 separation and now TEMA/Siebtechnik offers our SBD units for lactose stage 1 applications.

TEMA has developed a unique decanter centrifuge designed specifically for lactose dewatering. This true CIP decanter centrifuge has superior continuous dewatering and drying capabilities and is the culmination of analyzing years of process development. The SBD design is less expensive to operate and maintain than older designed long bowl decanters.

TEMA has many installations with long histories of reliability. Both design units are used in lactose and dairy applications. These cleanable units are also able to be used for meat, poultry and other food centrifuge installations.

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