Conturbex Centrifuges

A great variety of products can be processed by a Conturbex centrifuge in part due to its conical basket design and concentrically placed worm/scroll. Conturbex installations process a wide range of crystalline, granular and fibrous products. These centrifuges prefer materials of 100 um average size or larger and excel in high throughput applications with low discharge moisture targets.

The advanced design and separation method of the Conturbex Worm/Screen Centrifuge is shown in the cross sectional drawing. The horizontal arrangement allows for ease of access to and maintenance of the main gear and wet end components. Conturbex units are robust and reliable continuous centrifuges.

A cyclo gear unit ensures the necessary differential speed between worm and basket, even with a high friction between the two. In most cases a low pressure circulating oil system protects the gearbox and bearings have a with the exception of the smallest units manufactured, the H-200 which has an oil filled gearbox.

Even our largest centrifuge can be installed without special foundations or balancing weights. The relative movement of the worm, ensures even distribution of the solids on the screen, thus preventing undue vibration. No potentially unbalancing solids remain in the worm when the machine is stopped.

USDA approved design Conturbex centrifuges are available for lactose, food and dairy applications.

Materials of Construction:

The contact parts are typically made from 316 Stainless Steel, but, Hastelloy, Duplex, Nickel, Titanium or similar alternatives are available depending on the application. With abrasive material customized wear protection materials and designs are included.

Test units are available for in plant trials.

Also note our special applications:

Conturbex CentrifugeConturbex CentrifugeConturbex Centrifuge