Conthick Centrifuges

Worm/Screen Centrifuge with Pre-thickening Type CONTHICK
Worm/Screen Centrifuge with Pre-thickening Type CONTHICK


The design of the Conthick centrifuge is based on the proven technology of the Conturbex Worm/Screen centrifuge. With the additional decanter-like pre-thickening unit, improved efficiencies of low solid concentration slurries as well as recovered fines are possible.

The purpose of this centrifuge is to separate solids from liquids out of a slurry. The slurry is fed via an inlet pipe to the pre-thickening part of the centrifuge via openings at the center of the worm body. The majority of the mother liquor will be discharged at the rear of the solid bowl portion via a step-less adjustable weir to obtain a clear centrate. The solids are now pre-thickened and are transported to the centrifuge's screen section where final dewatering and product wash, if desired, takes place. Both liquid streams can be discharged separately if desired, or combined together, depending on the process requirements. An addition of a single or double de-gassing discharge cyclone can be added for applications where pumps are needed immediately following the centrifuge to handle the centrate and filtrate.

The loss of fine particles is relatively low and can even be minimized by feeding the screen liquid (filtrate) back into the slurry feed inlet. The solids retained on the screen are transported axially over the cylindrical screen by the worm and into the solids discharge housing. Various types of screening material can be used to optimize dewatering and reduce fines losses.


  • Pre-thicken and screen in one machine
  • Produces final moistures lower than decanters
  • Handles smaller particles with better capture than pushers
  • Excellent wash capabilities
  • Ease of maintenance

PDF Conthick- Worm/Screen Centrifuge with Pre-thickening (PDF - 650KB)