Contact TEMA Systems Inc.

TEMA Systems Inc.
7806 Redsky Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone: 513.489.7811
Fax: 513.489.4817


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We encourage you to call 513-489-7811 or email with any questions or requests for assistance.
Please contact the following people for specific requests:

All groups are available via email at:

After hour assistance is also available on the primary phone line.

Centrifuge Application Requests:

Mike Vastola Ext. 111
Pawel Krawczyk Ext. 112
Chad Mendelsohn Ext. 113
Jeff Sullivan Ext. 115
Kevin Biller Ext. 116


Mineral/Coal Centrifuge Application Requests:

Mike Mullins Ext. 190

Screening Machine Application Requests:

Jim Garner Ext. 151

Conidur Screen/Sampling Systems Application Request:

Randy Diehl Ext. 120

Parts Information Requests:

Tom Heming Ext. 130
Gary Folger Ext. 131

Service Information Requests:

Gary Helsley Ext. 160
Jeanne Miller Ext. 141

Service email:

TEMA’s Mechanical and Process Field Service Department is comprised of experienced factory trained technicians. The department has specialists that can assist with unit repair process evaluations, process optimizations, as well as installation assistance and inspections.

This allows us to share our expertise with you for parts installation, on-site repair, and troubleshooting. The same team that provides field service is also available for in plant training for Mechanics and Operators.

To schedule or inquire about our field service please contact our service department at 513-489-7811.

For mechanical assistance ask for Gary Helsley at Extension 160
For process assistance ask for Mike Vastola at Extension 111

TEMA Offers:

  • On-site repair and parts installation
  • Process optimization
  • Mechanical troubleshooting
  • Maintenance training
  • Operational training