Conidur® Pierced Screens

TEMA Systems Inc. provides sales and service for the Conidur® pierced screen family of products in the US, Canada and Mexico. Manufactured by our German sister company Hein, Lehmann, it is used widely as fluid bed plate, hammer mill screens, filter screen and many other applications.

The unique Conidur® pierced hole can be changed by various surface treatments to meet the requirements of the application. A "raised hood" over the perforation provides a directional airflow for fluid bed plates and a sharp leading edge for particle size reduction screens. Removal of the "hood" by surface grinding turns the material into a very efficient filtering/screening media.

Conidur® Pierced Sheets are available in the following surface finishes (typical applications):

  • Unrolled (hammer mill, fluid bed)
  • Slightly rolled (hammer mill, fluid bed plate)
  • Rolled smooth (centrifuge, filter)
  • Ground (centrifuge, filter)
  • Surface hardened (hammer mill, bin/hopper discharge cone)
  • Electrolytic ally deburred and polished (fluid bed plate, centrifuge, filter)

The picture shows a few of the possible applications with Conidur:

  1. Cone for centrifuge
  2. Screen assembly for centrifuge
  3. Oil filter for sugar centrifuge
  4. Screen for centrifuge
  5. Cylinder for bead mills
  6. Filters for water treatment
  7. Cheese form

Optimum Gas Distribution in Fluid Bed Units

The Conidur® distributor plate is the ideal gas distributor in fluid bed equipment for drying, c cooling or ventilation of powder or granulated products.

Conidur® combines the following features:

  • Conidur® is made to meet your pressure drop specifications and not vice versa.
  • High plate strength- No metal loss during the piercing process.
  • Perforation sizes six times smaller than the plate thickness.
  • Directional air flow facilitates transport and discharge of the product.

Conical shaped holes produce sharp air jets and reduce the chance of blinding.

Improved Mill Performance with Conidur®

Conidur Centrifuges
Conidur Surface Finishes
Conidur Applications
Conidur Centrifuges

Conidur® mill screens offer several benefits over conventional punched plate and other screens commonly used in milling equipment. The cold piercing process used in manufacturing does not remove metal to make the perforations, resulting in longer lasting, stronger screens. A relieved hole shape reduces the chance of clogging while yielding a uniform particle distribution with fewer fines. Using Conidur® results in an increase in mill capacity with most products.

Screen hole and slot sizes range from 0.06 mm - 6.5 mm.
Thickness ranges from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm. Materials available:

304 SS, 304L SS, 316 SS, 316L SS, 316Ti SS, 321 SS, 904L SS, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Hastelloy, Monel, Silver, Titanium

PDF Conidur® Fluid Bed (PDF - 6.02MB)

PDF Conidur® Fine Hole Sheets (PDF - 4.54MB)

For more information about Conidur® Pierced Sheets, contact us online or
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