Banana Screens

Banana Screens

The Banana or multi slope concept screening machine is capable of achieving exceptional throughput per screening area. The concept of a high capacity, thin layer and high velocity machine was developed by Siebtechnik. The screen includes as many as six inclinations varying from 45 to 10 degrees.

The various slopes may incorporate different apertures to meet the particular screening requirements. The screens are commonly designed to fit modular polyurethane deck panels, however, woven wire or punched plate may be used.

TEMA Banana screens are available in single and double deck execution ranging is size from 1.8 meters to 5.5 meters.


    Multi Slope Concept Screening Machine
  • Improved sizing efficiency due to thin layer screening
  • Low water consumption when wet screening
  • Low energy requirements
  • High specific feed rate and capacity resulting in reduced size