TEMA Systems Inc. Corporate Information

TEMA Systems Inc. was founded as a subsidiary of Siebtechnik.

A leading manufacturer of centrifuges, screens, and sampling systems, the company was founded in July 1977.

TEMA Systems Inc.

TEMA Systems, Inc. is a privately held company that is partially owned by Siebtechnik of Mulheim, Germany and TEMA B.V. of The Hague, Holland.

Worldwide Network TEMA Systems' corporate headquarters are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. TEMA is a member of the Siebtechnik/TEMA group which has affiliate offices in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Spain, and Australia.

TEMA Systems, Inc. has three divisions and two partnerships. All operate from the Cincinnati location: TEMA Industrial/Chemical Centrifuges - Manufactured and supplied in accordance with machine designs from Siebtechnik GmbH. Located in Mulheim, Germany, Siebtechnik GmbH has designed and supplied processing equipment for more than 90 years. TEMA/Siebtechnik manufactured products share common designs incorporating improvements from worldwide installations and experience.

TEMA Coal Centrifuges - Manufactured under license from Siebtechnik GmbH, with more than 50 years of centrifuge experience. All TEMA Coal Centrifuges are manufactured and serviced in the United States.

TEMA Sampling Components - This division first introduced the "hammer" or swing arm belt sampler to the U.S. in 1978. This across-the-belt method of sampling is now the world standard for bulk material, and widely accepted by new ASTM standards.

TEMA/Hein, Lehmann - A partnership built on an exclusive distributorship agreement between TEMA and Hein, Lehmann of Krefeld, Germany. Hein, Lehmann manufactures a unique "pierced" screen (trade name "CONIDUR®"). This fine hole screen is used widely as screening media for centrifugals, distributor plates for Fluid Bed Dryers, grinding media for mills and disintegrators, and more. Sales and distribution for North America are handled from the Cincinnati, Ohio office.

Sales and service of all products are handled from the Cincinnati, Ohio offices. TEMA also maintains regional sales offices, and sells through distributors and manufacturer representatives in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

Industry Markets
TEMA Systems, Inc. products are used by the Chemical, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Food, Coal, Power, Aggregate, Petroleum, Pulp and Paper, Mineral, and other markets that require solids/liquid separation, sampling, classifying, or screening.

Major Customers
The TEMA Systems, Inc. customer base is primarily made up of Fortune 1000, Dairy, Food, Coal producers, Utilities, Aggregate, Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies.

Market Outlook
TEMA/Siebtechnik is recognized as a leader in centrifuge technology. Our Sampling Systems have long been regarded as the best in the industry. Hein, Lehmann Conidur Screens are an industry standard. TEMA Coal Centrifuges have captured a major market share in the horizontal coarse and fine coal dewatering centrifuge markets.

Manufacturing Facilities
Cincinnati, Ohio; Lexington, Kentucky; Mulheim, Germany; Krefeld, Germany; Sydney, Australia; China; and South Africa.

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